Consultant for Kotter International

Atlanta, Boston, LA, NY or Seattle based

The ideal Kotter candidate:
Smart and passionate
High emotional intelligence to build credibility, trust and opportunity with clients and colleagues.
A voracious appetite for learning with some experience in change
A bias for action and meeting and exceeding deadlines
Resourceful, able to monitor the situation and anticipate needs.
Ability to provide internal structure for the team, as well as external guidance to the clients.
Organized with the drive to keep everyone on track.
Editor’s eye for detail on all documents reviewed
Strong written and verbal communications skills
Experience on an engagement team in a consulting firm.
A high general business acumen for what drives success for our clients as well as how change impacts that success.
An aptitude for taking the initiative and problem solving in the face of ambiguity.
A natural ability to build relationships, using both courage and candor in a manner that fosters credibility, trust, and opportunity with clients and colleagues.
A collaborator, a supporter, a team player, a leader, with a passion for all that you do.
The ability to “find a way”, regardless of the obstacles.
Flexible and responsive to others’ personalities and communication styles at all levels both internally and customer facing.
Integrity and professionalism.

A Day in the Life “Quotes” from members of our Engagement Team:
“The role of a Senior Consultant at Kotter is a dynamic and fluid one, ever changing. It can even look quite different from project to project. The beauty of that is it can help each person play to their individual strengths while also finding new areas for professional growth.”

Kristin Oberdorf, Sr. Consultant, Chicago, IL

Administrative: “There’s a lot of “puppet string pulling” in the Consultant role. We’re the quality assurance department, event coordinator and scheduling wizard all wrapped into one. Between scheduling meetings, collecting and managing documents, and helping communication happen effectively and efficiently, our team members would be lost without us. I remember just joining a new client team and not more than a day in I was asked to schedule 30 senior leader interviews in a matter of weeks. There are times when it feels like an impossible “thread-the-needle” kind of task to make everyone’s schedules align, but it’s also incredibly rewarding knowing you were the one who made it all happen!”
Jessica Ach, Consultant, Boston, MA
Back of the Room: “So much goes into the successful execution of a Kotter event, meeting, or presentation- and so many of these things happen behind the scenes. Great facilitation is enabled by careful preparation, attention to detail, and intentional stakeholder alignment. Kotter Consultants drive these efforts.”
Sam Stewart, Consultant, Boston, MA
Front of the Room: “When I began my career at KI, I wanted a very clear path to growth and success. Although that path hasn’t been direct, it has been filled with opportunity. One such opportunity for front of the room facilitation experience. It is virtually unheard of that a Consultant-level employee at a major consulting firm would be given the opportunity for front of the room facilitation so early in their career. In the past year, I was on a team working with an international client that had employees speaking in more than nine different languages. The opportunity to facilitate such a diverse audience was invaluable. One of the greatest pieces of advice given to me by a client regarding front of the room facilitation was to think about the audience: what do they care about, what are their levels of education, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. It is essential that one learns to speak to the audience in a manner that engages and draws them in.”
Cameron Welter, Consultant, Boston, MA

Bachelor’s degree with impressive academic record, with advanced degree or MBA preferred (Business, Finance or related field)
2-3 years of in a consulting firm, participating in engagements.
Experience with multiple companies/clients is preferred.
Excellent written and presentation skills
Travel is required for this position. Amount is based on project requirements.

Requirements to Apply:
Resume or CV.

Those really wanting to impress, go to our web site and apply with the following additional requirements.
Provide a cover letter that demonstrates your knowledge of and interest in Kotter International and why you would be a good fit at our company.
Answer the following two questions in the form of a short narrative or elegant/artful PowerPoint summary that conveys your understanding and applications of these questions and concepts.
Question #1: Describe the concept of a business value chain (in your own words).
Question #2: Pick a company and share your thoughts on what the levers might be if the leader(s) of that business wanted to significantly change their speed to market.

For more information, please contact referencing N193935.

If you wish to apply, please click on the following link.