Master Franchisee WIKANE

Senior executives, consultants, business owners, entrepreneurs, developers, investors!
SME owners in Netherlands are expecting you to grow their business!

Be the first WIKANE franchisee on your territory (Master franchisee), then become a franchisor on your territory by developpingand leading a network of WIKANE franchisees.

Franchisee’s duties:

Relying on their own experience and on the WIKANE methodological approach, they provide assistance to SME owners in:

– Identifying the internal growth drivers of their business
– Finding new markets and sources of innovation
– Using all latitudes at their disposal
– Optimizing resources
– Maximizing profit at all level
– Strengthening corporate image and reputation of their company
– Increasing enterprise value

Most SMEs in Western countries are managed by focusing on the short or medium term with little vision. They need a clear growth strategy, but very few are successful in identifying and implementing such a business plan.
The WIKANE methodological approach and the tools developed over 25 years by the WIKANEnetwork will allow SMEs to create a real strategic advantage over their competitors, and to effectively execute their growth plan to turn them into a successful expanding company.

More specifically:

– The franchisee’s interlocutor is the SME owner: the owner is committed to the development plan that he and the franchisee have put together; they go through milestones checks on a regular basis.
– The franchisee action is carried out with a long-term perspective: the contract between the SME and the franchisee is most of the time multi-annual: franchisee’s activity and revenue are hence secured,
– SME owners will notice a real return on their investment: the franchisee’s added value is thus validated, the franchisee’s input becomes essential, and the services are well remunerated; a WIKANE franchisee invoices between 150 and 300 K€ per year; only 4 to 5 clients are annually required for a full- time activity,
– The franchisee has a large autonomy: the WIKANE methodology only requires him to spend a maximum of 30% of his time at his clients’ premises. This allows him to organize his personal agenda as he wants. This is a clear demand from all senior consultants who join us.

This ensures the continuous activity of the franchisees on your territory and hence secures the payments of your franchisor royalties.

When you join us, we offer a quick and efficient business startup for you and your franchisees.

Joining the WIKANE network means getting a full ready-to-use packaged offer: markets, targets, tools, presentations, arguments, dashboards and more, as proven by many years of experience.

You can focus your time and energy on recruiting franchisees and making them successful.

You will get a 3-week initial training, and a continuous support from WIKANE International, specifically designed to facilitate your start as a franchisor.

Your initial investment is quickly recovered by the first franchisees entry fees.

Your new job: recruit, train and lead.

The WIKANE franchisee is his own boss, prospects by himself, manages his own planning, the weekly meetings with his clients, and his workload.

Carefully recruiting the franchisees is a key success factor for you. You will then be on their side to support and/or advise them, and build on their expertise:
– Weekly call on their activity (or progress
– Hot-line
– Monthly training
– Experience sharing, access to tools and documentation via the WIKANE platform.

The WIKANE network will also provide you with a comprehensive suite of tools to develop the reputation of the Wikane franchise concept in your territory: magazines, expert articles, conferences…

Your guarantee: the strength and dynamism of the leader in SME development in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

For more information, please contact referencing N193933.

If you wish to apply, please click on the following link.