Oluseyi F

Oluseyi is an experienced consultant in the areas of Urban Administration, GIS & Remote sensing, Environment, Urban studies, Project Management and Evaluation studies. He had consulting and work experiences in three African countries including Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa.

He consulted for a number of multinationals such as Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Chevron, Mobil and National organizations such as National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA). International Organizations such as UNDP, UNFPA. FAO and World Bank. He has a PhD and Masters in Geography from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria and a postgraduate Diploma in Global Human Resources Management from University of Liverpool United Kingdom. His first degree was in Urban and Regional Planning from the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Nigeria.

Oluseyi was in various Project Management and academic positions for upward of 27 years across Different African Countries. He also implemented different grant project focusing of African Development such £ 5,000 WASCAL grant for intervention in coastal agriculture, $50,000 GEF grant for combating deforestation and promote conservation in Oyo state Nigeria, $45,000 grant for mitigating effects of sea level rise in Nigerian coast among others.

Oluseyi research works focused on the complex interactions between changes in human and natural environments; while changes in natural environment influence the human habitation, anthropogenic activities also modify the natural system. He has over 60 publications in reputable international and national outlets.

He is an active member of, Association of African Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE), Urban Affairs Association (UAA), Geoinformation Society of Nigeria (GEOSON), Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP), and Association of Nigerian Geographers (ANG),

Oluseyi is highly proficient and a trainer of several software packages and servers administration. Some of the packages are ArcGIS, IDRISI, ERDAS Imagine, QGIS, SEPAL, OPEN FORIS. He can also write scripts in python, C++, Visual C and Visual Basic.

For more information, please contact info@consult2050.com referencing N194088.