Anthony M

Anthony is a global authority on strategic innovation and hyper-growth. He has consulted, taught, written, and lectured on these topics all over the world.

Anthony drives enterprise value and accelerates top-line growth through innovative business initiatives aimed at market leadership and global expansion – new lines of business, new brands, new markets, new experiences, and new offerings.

Anthony is presently the Executive Director of the Global Innovation Institute, the CEO of Legacy Innovation Group, and serves on several advisory boards.

Having spent many years as a business leader, Anthony understands business and knows what drives a winning business strategy. In his work, he leverages strategic innovation to build long-term resilience in businesses. He also knows how to transform businesses into human-centered networks with the skills and bandwidth to consistently deliver new value to their markets. His methods have guided numerous business leaders in making lasting transformations.

Anthony is a consummate rainmaker… a deeply associative thinker. Having traveled the world and experienced many cultures up close, he understands people, and with them, the markets they make up. He knows how to combine insight and empathy with imagination and creativity to conceive real solutions to customer’s deep-down needs and desires. And he knows how to connect business insights in ways that let companies deliver the winning value propositions and customer experiences they need to truly lead their markets.

Anthony’s work builds on 30 years of leadership in business, product development, design, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing. He remains deeply embedded in each of these worlds, giving him a broad and holistic perspective that is rare among business leaders. He knows how to bridge these worlds to deliver innovations that have a lasting impact on the business, its markets, and the world.

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