Johannes K

Leadership – I am passionate about leadership which has opened many doors for me during my career in industry. I have derived a great deal of pleasure from leading various teams of up to 30 employees. I have gained experience leading a wide range of teams including production, cross-functional and engineering teams. I really enjoy leading people. I follow a situational leadership style and ensure that every member of staff is fully integrated. The experience I have gained in leadership has been the most valuable asset I have acquired during my career.

Lean Manufacturing – as a manager who is very focused on success, this method was a complete gift to me. Lean Manufacturing enabled me to quickly celebrate successes and I was able to convince my colleagues both in production and management to follow the Lean path. Exchanging knowledge and experience with colleagues from Japan and visiting sites in Japan helped me greatly to understand the concept of KAIZEN.

Six-Sigma – I greatly enjoyed completing my Green Belt certification course and I have successfully completed numerous projects since then. This means that I ensure that achieving greater added value is always kept in sharp focus.

About me – I have been shaped by the very different roles I have had through my work and through living in different countries and cultures. My experiences have enabled me to learn how perseverance, keeping an eye on the goal and cooperating with others all pay real dividends. Despite all the successes, I have never lost sight of the people factor. I am an enthusiastic advocate of the 80/20% principle.

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