Bemnet A

HW board (PCB) designer of rigid, flex, and rigid-flex designs.

Project lead. Creates and commits to schedules.

Creates schematics in Altium or Cadence. Partners with layout engineer to deliver layout, that meets PDN/SI/EMI/etc design rules.

Generates PI/SI sims, or partners with expert to obtain.

Manages PCB release process. Partners with PCBF suppliers for DFM, panel array drawings, lowest cost per unit, and fabrication.

Partners and manages SMT process for assembly and procurement of EEBOM.

Writes test plans and validates design.

Delivers 1-100+ units, fully functional, to cross-functional teams with support documentation. Does this on multiple projects.

Excellent communicator in English.

Excellent team partner, and self-driven, takes the initiative to support the teams.

Senior level experts with experience delivering multiple high complexity designs. High complexity means designs that use FPGAs, CPUs, GPUs, DDR, various high-speed databuses such as MIPI/DisplayPort/HDMI/PCIe/*MII/etc., HDI, multi-layer PCBs, complex rigid-flex, as well as small scale integration with modern advanced technology.
Lead highly complex layouts while ensuring quality, efficiency, and manufacturability. Handle multiple tasks and provide work leadership to other designers through the distribution, coordination, and managing of the assigned workload.

Ability to create, from engineering inputs, board mechanical profiles, board fabrication stack-ups, detailed board fabrication drawings and packages, assembly drawings, assembly notes, etc. Must be US Citizen.
Software will be provided
Skilled at HDI technology
No travel
Extensive experience with high-speed digital, RF and Flex and Rigid-Flex designs

Experienced with signal integrity design constraints encompassing differential pairs, impedance control, high speed, EMI, and ESD.

For more information, please contact¬†[email protected] referencing N224503.