Christiaan K

Value Proposition, Business Model Designer and Circular Economy accelerator creating profit to be proud of.

At Innoboost we believe the best way to innovate is to improve your customer’s experience. We stage customers experiences to learn from and improve them where it matters. Our drive is to leave people and planet better than we found them. We are a cooperative of independent professionals with diverse background, including thought leadership in branding and Circular Economy.

Clients like: AkzoNobel, Royal Philips, Philips Lighting, Ziggo, Jupiler / Ab Inbev, Rabobank, Rewilding Europe, Kendrion, Bugaboo, i+solutions, TU Delft, AMFI, Boska, Havensteder, Evides, scale-up and start-up companies like GRO, Fresh-r, Circle Economy, MUD Jeans, Utlimaker, Peerby

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