Pieter A

I have over 20 years of international experience in Maintenance and Risk Management project execution, service and organisational development of which more than 10 years in the Energy and Offshore (Maritime) Industry.

I do like working internationally with and within different cultures as it adds an extra challenge and complexity to project execution.

My self-motivation and ability to work autonomous combined with accurate and correct technical and financial reporting, communication and tailor-made innovation allow me to be flexible in any new situation and find a solution to achieve the project aim or objective: I take ownership of the problem.

Examples of projects that I successfully completed are:

  • Development and execution of Asset Management system evaluations and improvements.
  • Development and implementation of an asset compliance KPI reporting process.
  • Development and execution of a risk based component failure model for assets with high criticality.

These solutions successfully achieved more accurate management decisions in cost savings balanced against operational and safety risk. Vital to this success apart from expert technical knowledge is intimate knowledge of the client’s organisational set-up and execution. My skill to (inter)act on different organisational levels plays a key role in this.

My greatest passion is the execution of challenging and innovative service delivery and organizational development to make a difference in successful operation in any industry: pioneering with faith.

For more information, please contact [email protected] referencing N171718.