Blast Furnace Chief Consultant

We are looking for a Blast Furnace Chief Consultant for a client in India.

  • Qualification: Degree or Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering
  • Experience: Minimum 15 – 20 years

Job Description 

Able to understand challenges of operation with respect to tapping of blast furnace to fill ladles with molten metal: Drilling tap hole preparatory to tapping, using power hand drill. Positions splasher plate in front of tap hole to prevent splashing of metal when furnace is tapped. Guides point of oxygen lance into drilled tap hole to tap furnace. Opens gates and shutters to direct flow of molten iron onto runners and into ladles. Plugs tap hole after ladles are filled, using mud gun. Assists other workers in breaking up and removing slag from runners, relining runners with sand, clay, and refractory mixture, and drying relined runners. Repairs or replaces defective tuyeres, blowpipes, and bosh plates in furnace, using handtools.

  • Ensure compliance with process parameters – Safe Operating Conditions & Safe Operating Limits.
  • Through knowledge of machines and equipment in the Blast Furnace department to execute the Blast Furnace, Auxiliary fuel injection, PCI, Slag Granulation & Handling, Stoves, GCP, TRT activities to produce required output.
  • Ensure smooth operation of torpedo ladle handling station, blowers, PCI plant and other units of BF.
  • Oversee corrective and preventive measures to ensure that all the accidents are prevented.

Experience of Steel Metallurgy, Maintenance activity of Furnace proper, Cast House, SGP, Blower , BLT, Stock house, Water system, WWTP Area i.e. Shutdown Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Break down Maintenance. Proficiency in Cast House, SGP, Stove, Stock House.


  • Critically review – could adopt a similar British Petroleum (BP) model where before the culture could be established a Operating Discipline model called Procedures, Accountability, Competency, Assurance (PACA) was established.
  • Whatever way we guide TSK – we have to embed the approach with their current system of governance which would enable them to seamlessly integrate with existing systems in a PDCA model.
  • Procedures and Processes – clearly documented how the entity will comply with a requirement.
  • Accountabilities – defined accountabilities that the personnel are aware of and are delivering.
  • Competence- people have the relevant training experience and knowledge to deliver their accountabilities and perform their roles.
  • Assurance – process are defined for the business to confirm that the requirement is being delivered and the managing system is working.
  • Have interactive sessions in class and job sites… Evaluate and analyse using JCC…
  • Review and analyse Permit to work system… Unplanned shutdowns… MOC…
  • Help them develop action plans… KYT… Tool for Engineers…
  • Convert the Team Skill to Will…


  • Based on above assess need to write new SOP’s, modify current with your expertise including best practices.
  • Make people adopt the change and they should demonstrate the change by doing themselves in DSS presence.
  • Shift from Hazard awareness to Risk Thinking… HOW? and WHAT? is ongoing but WHY? is not yet understood…
  • You would be working with team in Blast Furnace – Cast House Area.
  • Plant Cultural Transformation…

For more information, please contact [email protected] referencing N193394.

This job is no longer accepting applications.