Steel Melting Shop Chief Consultant

We are looking for a Steel Melting Shop Chief Consultant for a client in India.

  • Qualification: Degree or Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering
  • Experience: Minimum 15 – 20 years

Job Description:

  • Ensure compliance with process parameters – Safe Operating Conditions & Safe Operating Limits.
    Through knowledge of machines and equipment in the SMS department to execute the SMS, HMDS, CASOB, Kiln, Oxygen Furnace Multi-functional Lancing, Slab Caster, Turret operation activities to produce required output.
  • Oversee corrective and preventive measures to ensure that all the accidents are prevented. Able to understand challenges of operation with respect to BOF, etc.
  • Experience of Steel Metallurgy, Maintenance activity of Furnace proper, of Convertor.


  • Critically review – could adopt a similar British Petroleum (BP) model where before the culture could be established a Operating Discipline model called Procedures, Accountability, Competency, Assurance (PACA) was established. Whatever way we guide TSK – we have to embed the approach with their current system of governance which would enable them to seamlessly integrate with existing systems in a PDCA model.
  • Procedures and Processes – clearly documented how the entity will comply with a requirement.
  • Accountabilities – defined accountabilities that the personnel are aware of and are delivering.
  • Competence- people have the relevant training experience and knowledge to deliver their accountabilities and perform their roles.
  • Assurance – process are defined for the business to confirm that the requirement is being delivered and the managing system is working.
  • Have interactive sessions in class and job sites… Evaluate and analyse using JCC…
  • Review and analyse Permit to work system… Unplanned shutdowns…MOC…
  • Help them develop action plans…KYT…Tool for Engineers…
  • Convert the Team Skill to Will…


  • Based on above assess need to write new SOP’s, modify current with your expertise including best practices.
  • Make people adopt the change and they should demonstrate the change by doing themselves in DSS presence.
  • Shift from Hazard awareness to Risk Thinking…HOW? and WHAT? is ongoing but WHY? is not yet understood…
  • You would be working with team in Blast Furnace – Cast House Area.
  • Plant Cultural Transformation…

For more information, please contact [email protected] referencing N193464.

This job is no longer accepting applications.