Fire Protection Systems Expert

We are looking for a Fire Protection Systems Expert for a short term assignment for a client in manufacturing of Optical Fibre Cables in India.

This work is primarily an assessment of the client’s fire-fighting systems & emergency preparedness for their clean room facilities – both, for their existing plant and for their new greenfield facility being built right now. Assessment will also cover the rest of the plant which includes units manufacturing & storing chemicals, utilities etc.

Specific to assessment of emergency preparedness, the terminology we use is ‘Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning’. It is described as “As situations will arise that are not covered by the controls and procedures, an effective, standardized response should be prepared for emergency situations, designed to minimize the effects on people, the environment and the facilities through the Emergency Action Plan and the Contingency Plan. The Emergency Action Plan establishes a set of technical and administrative measures that are designed to deal with a wide variety of potential emergency situations. The Contingency Plans are based on specific in-depth studies of each potential emergency, establishing the specific control measures and actions.”

We are expected to provide the client with our detailed findings – both at tactical level and systemic findings. The report needs to also provide specific, actionable recommendations (mentioning the best practices/ relevant codes etc.) for addressing the gaps found during the assessment. Please note that we are not expected to design & engineer solutions at this stage.

The new plant is spread over 400 m x 240 m plot size and the size of the clean room in the new facility is ~125 m x 75 m. The plot size of existing facility is nearly double of the new facility but the size of the clean room is nearly same.

We have estimated 6 field days (on-site) for this work and 2 days for preparation/report writing.

For more information, please contact [email protected] referencing N182575.

This job is no longer accepting applications.